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Flake Floor Gallery

Color Flake, also known as Decorative Flake, Color Chips, Vinyl Color Chips, or Fleck are specially formulated polymer paint aggregates utilized to improve the aesthetic attributes of resinous flooring systems. It is made up of a combination of acrylic and vinyl resins. The benefits of this type of flooring is that it is durable,decorative,economical,clean and renewable.

Epoxy Floor gallery

The term epoxy refers to a combination of hardeners and resins. When mixed together, these substances cause a chemical reaction. When hard, this reaction results in the formation of a rigid plastic material,this material bonds well to most base layers, creating a resistant and durable floor surface. This floor is good for Durability,resistant,reduces damage to machinery,resistant to chemicals and Safe working environment.

Marble Floor Gallery

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed over time as sedimentary rocks, such as limestone, are transformed under pressure and heat. As they’re transformed, they are compacted, creating the beautiful lines and veins that are a trademark of marble. Marble flooring has been used for Natural Elegance,easy to clean,durable, allergen-resistant and excellent heat conduction.

Outside Flake Floor Gallery

Flake flooring is a decorative and durable type of epoxy floor coating that can be used to protect and decorate new – or breathe life into old – concrete surfaces.That offers a visually appealing and durable coating for high-traffic, concreted areas such as warehouses, garages and driveways. The range of colours and chip sizes and textures also means that this type of floor coating can be altered to suit your desired purpose or aesthetic.